20th-21st September 2012, High level dialogue meeting



Aarhus. September 20th-21st 2012.

This meeting brought together rectors of Edinburgh and Aarhus University together with the European Commission, and several other organizations such as LERU, VITAE and ORPHEUS. The meeting agreed that although there are differences between Scandinavian and UK PhD programmes, the intended outcomes were similar: that PhD graduates should be trained researchers at the highest level, and that PhD training should provide the competencies needed for employment either within or outside of academia.

Meeting communique: see http://www.au.dk/fileadmin/www.au.dk/Internationalt_Center/Communique_High_Level_Dialogue.pdf


Dorothy Kelly, Executive Board Chair, The Coimbra Group; David Gani, Governor, The Career Development Organisation and founding member of the Scottish Researcher Careers Coordination Forum; Alexandra Bitusikova, Vice-Rector for Research, Matej Bel University in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia; Peter van der Hijden, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission; Zdravko Lackovic, President, ORPHEUS; Vaclav Hampl, Rector, Charles University; Slobodan Radičev, President EURO-DOC; David Bogle, Headof University College London’s Graduate School and chair of LERU’s Doctoral Studies Community; Katrien Maes, Chief Policy Officer, LERU; Janet Metcalfe, Chair and HEAD of VITAE; Timothy O’Shea, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, University of Edinburgh; Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen, Rector, Aarhus University and Vice-Chair, EUA; Lise Wogensen Bach, Vice-Dean, Aarhus University; Johnny Laursen, Head of the Graduate School of Arts, Aarhus University; Mary Bownes, Senior Vice Principal External Engagement, University of Edinburgh; Jeremy Bradshaw, Dean of Postgraduate Taught & International, University of Edinburgh. Observers: Jon Turner, Director, Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh; Michael Mulvany, Vice President at Orpheus and professor, Aarhus University; Kristian Thorn, Deputy University Director, AU Research and Talent, Aarhus University; Kirsten Wisborg, Head of Talent Unit, Health, AU Research and Talent at Health, Aarhus University; Jeppe Dørup Olesen, Head of Central Talent Unit, AU Research and Talent, Aarhus University.

19th-22nd January 2012, DAAD project supported international workshop on PhD program, Wurzburg

19th-22nd January 2012. Participants from Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (all medical schools) and Macedonia. Organized by Jürgen Deckert and Zdravko Lackovic. Presenter Z. Lackovic.


5th-8th September 2012, European Congress of Immunology (EFIS), Glasgow, Scotland, 5 - 8 September 2012. ORPHEUS-EFIS Symposium, “PhD in immunology”.

EFIS is an umbrella organization that represents more than 12,000 individual members from 29 member societies in 31 European countries (all European Union member states and all other European states) and reaches beyond the European boundaries to Israel. This year conference was held in Glasgow. ORPEHUS together with EFI)S organized a workshop: "PhD in Immunology"  Program was as follows:

ORPHEUS-EFIS - "PhD in Immunology"
 Chairman Mr Seppo Meri - Finland  ORPHEUS Standards as a tool to improve the quality of PhD programs, prof. Zdravko Lacković - Croatia  Evaluation of PhD programs, prof. Roland Jonsson
 ORPHEUS Standards as the answer to the crisis of PhD degree, Mr. Michael J. Mulvany  Importance of collaboration and networking, Mr. Hannes Stockinger  Discussion, prof. Zdravko Lacković, prof. Roland Jonsson and Mr. Hannes Stockinger

11th-13th January 2012, EUA-CDE, Dublin

11th-13th January 2012. M. Mulvany participated on behalf of ORPHEUS.

5th-8th September 2012, Symposium "PhD in immunology"

September 5th-8th 2012, European Congress of Immunology (EFIS), Glasgow, Scotland, 5 - 8 September 2012. Symposium, “PhD in immunology”. 18:00-19:30.This workshop discussed the development of European PhD programmes in immunology and the standards to be expected.Chairs: Seppo Meri (Helsinki) and Catherine Sautès-Fridman (Paris)

  • Introduction by chairs (15 min)
  • Zdravko Lackovic (ORPHEUS President, Zagreb): ORPHEUS Standards as a tool to improve the quality of PhD programmes(15 min)
  • Michael Mulvany (ORPHEUS Vice President, Aarhus): ORPEHUS Standards as the answer to crisis of PhD degree (15 min)
  • Ronald Jonsson (Chair of ORPHEUS2012, Bergen): Evaluation of PhD programmes(15 > min)
  • Hannes Stockinger (Chair of ORPHEUS2010, Vienna): Importance of collaboration and networking (15 min)
  • Discussion (15 min)

28th November 2011, ORPHEUS Spain Workshop

 28th November 2011. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF PHD STUDIES IN BIOMEDICINE THROUGH INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION  was held at University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Medicine, Leioa, Spain.


25th-29th August 2012, Workshop: "Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education", AMEE, Lyon

August 25th-29th 2012, AMEE, Lyon, France. Workshop: “Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education”.


17th-18th October 2011, EMTRAIN meeting, Helsinki

17th-18th October 2011. Presentation of ORPHEUS standards in plenary session by M. Mulvane, Actively present Z. Lackovic and Andre Nieoullon.

20th July 2012, ORPHEUS-EPHAR Symposium in Granada

July 20th 2012 The 6th European Congress of Pharmacology  was held in Granada, Spain. In organization of ORPHEUS and EPHAR (The Federation of European Pharmacological Societies)  workshop “Standards for PhD Education in Biomedicine” was held on July 20. Workshop was chaired by Roland Jonsson and Nick Goulding.  Program was as follows:

  • PhD programmes in Spain: Dolores Prieto, Department of Physiology, Faculty of Pharmacology, Complutense University, Madrid, Spain
  • PhD programmes in Germany: Katrin Offe, TUM Medical Graduate Center, Faculty of Medicine, Technical University Munich, Germany
  • PhD programmes in Former Eastern Europe; Zdravko Lackovic, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, Croatia
  • ORPHEUS-AMSE- WFME Standards for PhD education; Michael Mulvany, Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Biomedicine, Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark



Workshop was attended by about 80 participants, many of them took part in lively discussion.


EPHAR 2012 PhD workshop: Symposium in Granada, cair and speakers: Dolores Prieto, Katrin Offe, Zdravko Lacković, Michael Mulvany, orpheus  EPHAR 2012 PhD workshop: Symposium in Granada, auditorium Symposium in Granada, Katrin Offe 


22nd September 2011, European Commission colloquium, Brussels

22nd September 2011. M. MulvanyrepresentedORPHEUS in discussion of PhD standards.

17th-20th July 2012, ORPHEUS Workshop "Standards for PhD education in Biomedicine", Granada, Spain

July 17th-20th 2012, The Federation of European Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR), 6th European Congress on Pharmacology, Granada, Spain.


28th-31st June 2011, AMEE, Vienna

28th-31st June 2011. workshop on PhD standards was organized.


11th July 2012, PhD symposium Karachi, Pakistan

July 11th 2012. PhD symposium  and workshops were organized in Karachi, Pakistan as a part of BioCon:  celebration of anniversary of Department of Biochemistry University of Karachi. Whole event was supported by  International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology  (IUBMB).  Main organizer was professor Nikhat Ahmed Siddiqui, chair of Biochemistry. Invited speakers were Gül Güner, Zdravko Lacković, Angel Herráez and Nessar Ahmed who presented experience with PhD program especially IUBMB standards and ORPHEUS standards. Event was attended by about 80 participants fro,different departments and universities but mostly by PhD candidates from Karachi university.

Karachi speakers with professor Nikhat Ahmed Siddiqui (Gül Güner, Zdravko Lacković, Angel Herráez and Nessar Ahmed)  Zdravko Lacković and Gül Güner Akdogan with PhD students from Karachi University, Pakistan  Zdravko Lacković and Gül Güner Akdogan with PhD students from Karachi University, Pakistan 
 PhD symposium Karachi, Pakistan, orpheus PhD symposium Karachi, Pakistan  Karachi


26th-27th June 2011, FEBS meeting, Torino

26th-27th June 2011. Gul Guner and Michel Mulvany were present. M. Mulvany presented European PhD training on behalf of chairman of EUA-CDE.

30th May 2012, ORPHEUS PhD workshop was held under the topic: Vision of ORPHEUS in PhD Education: Towards European Standards, at Marmara University, Istanbul

May 30th, 2012 at Marmara University, Istanbul, PhD workshop was held under the topic: Vision of ORPHEUS in PhD Education: Towards European Standards.


16th-18th June 2011, AMSE Conference, Ljubljana

16th-18th June 2011.  AMSE Conference was held in Ljubljana. The subject was "The staff of the medical school - challenges and opportunities".  Zdravko Lackovic and Michael Mulvany were present. M. Mulvany presented ORPHEUS standards in plenary session.


25th May 2012, University of Zagreb School of Medicine hosted the first PhD Day

On May 25th 2012, University of Zagreb School of Medicine hosted the first PhD Day organized by the PhD Programme Biomedicine and Health Sciences. From this year on, PhD Day will be a mandatory part of the course load for PhD candidates of that programme, intended to reduce the workload and reorganize the classes of doctoral studies in order to make them more effective and directly helpful in thesis development. During this daylong event, the PhD candidates had the opportunity to present the research related to their doctoral theses to their colleagues, prominent scientists and broad scientific community in the form of poster presentations and publication of abstracts. The event included oral presentations of the best abstracts, invited lectures by distinguished scholars and the research excellence lecture by Professor Roland Jonsson of the University of Bergen as well as the round table panel discussing the doctoral studies in Croatia and Europe with participation of Zdravko Lackovic and Robert Likic (University of Zagreb School of Medicine), Ignac Lovrek (University of Zagreb), Roland Jonsson (University of Bergen) and Jadwiga Mirecka (Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow), while Michael Mulvany (University of Aarhus) and Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm) participated in the panel via live webcast. This was the first such event in Croatia, visited by numerous representatives of the University of Zagreb and other institutions of higher education and science. Similar manifestations are traditionally organized by some prominent establishments of higher education across Europe.  It could be expected that similar  events will be soon organised by other PhD programmes in Zagreb and Croatia.


doc. dr. Marko Jakopović, PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb 

Roland Jonsson, Robert Harris, Jadwiga Mirecka, Davor Miličić, Neven Budak, Aleksa Bjeliš, Drago Batinić, Davor Ježek, Darko Bošnjak, Zdravko Lacković, PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb  Zdravko Lacković, PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb 
 Jadwiga Mirecka, Davor Miličić, Zdravko Lacković, Davor Ježek, Roland Jonsson, Robert Harris, Drago Batinić, Miloš Judaš, Maja Relja, Marko Jakopović, PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb  PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb  PhD candidate Barbara Barun, PhD day 2012 School of Medicine, University of Zagreb


8th-11th June 2011, EUA-CDE, Madrid

8th-11th June 2011. EUA-CDE meeting was held in Madrid. Michel Mulvany presented ORPHEUS standards in plenary session.

13th-27th February 2012, EMTRAIN Workshop for PhD students was held in Manchester

13th-27th February 2012. Presentation of ORPHEUS/AMSE/WFME standards in plenary sessions was done by M Mulvany



15th April 2011. Zdravko Lackovic and Michel J Mulvany took part in a workshop organized by the British Pharmacological Society: “PhD standards in Pharmacology”, London, 15 April 2011.


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