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21st-22nd November 2013, The 10th International Medical Postgraduate Conference in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Charles University in Hradec Kralove on November 21 -22, 2013 organised The 10th International Medical Postgraduate Conference. ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic was a member of the jury in this unique contest of PhD Candidates. Detailed information can be found on conference web site:


Message by Dean Professor Miroslav Cervinka:


Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to welcome you to the 10th International Medical Postgraduate Conference in Hradec Králové. The conference has been progressing well since its inception, and over the years it has turned into a real international meeting. We are proud to welcome participants not only from the Czech and Slovak Republics, but also from Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, and the United Kingdom. I personally believe that the position of this conference is well established and it is a standard part of our activities.

The first obvious reason for this conference is the opportunity to compare achieved results, to present one’s own data and learn from others. Nevertheless, we consider this particular meeting of postgraduate students in biomedicine also very important for the international harmonization of PhD studies in the European area. This harmonization is currently one of the most important goals of several international organisations, with ORPHEUS (Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine Health Sciences in the European System) being one of the dominant players in this area. We are proud to be an active partner in this endower.

Another important reason for organizing this meeting is the opportunity for direct personal contacts. Nowadays, the electronic world is overloaded with information. You can find all the latest news, the latest publications, hypotheses and scientific results at various websites. However, this also means that an essential human quality of scientific communication is disappearing. Actually, each piece of information is more valuable if it is accompanied by a personal point of view, a direct contact or a personal acquaintance. Personal contacts open the world not only to electronic data but also to direct statements, open discussions and publications filled with personal experience.

Dear participants, take advantage of this occasion not only to learn the news in other medical fields but also to think about the bits of knowledge in other medical areas which can be valuable for you and your postgraduate work. Though there is only “one medicine,” the mutual overlapping of its disciplines can result in great benefits for all.

Those of you evaluated as the best by an expert panel of judges will receive a financial award, yet this should be considered secondary. I am convinced that the idea of our meeting is similar to the idea behind the Olympic Games – winning is not the most important thing. Taking part, learning scientific news, and above all meeting new colleagues and friends is of the utmost importance. If we succeed in this, the conference has fulfilled its purpose.

I wish you all the best!

Prof. Miroslav Červinka, M.D., PhD.

Dean, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Králové

Charles University in Prague