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25th May 2012, University of Zagreb School of Medicine hosted the first PhD Day

On May 25th 2012, University of Zagreb School of Medicine hosted the first PhD Day organized by the PhD Programme Biomedicine and Health Sciences. From this year on, PhD Day will be a mandatory part of the course load for PhD candidates of that programme, intended to reduce the workload and reorganize the classes of doctoral studies in order to make them more effective and directly helpful in thesis development. During this daylong event, the PhD candidates had the opportunity to present the research related to their doctoral theses to their colleagues, prominent scientists and broad scientific community in the form of poster presentations and publication of abstracts. The event included oral presentations of the best abstracts, invited lectures by distinguished scholars and the research excellence lecture by Professor Roland Jonsson of the University of Bergen as well as the round table panel discussing the doctoral studies in Croatia and Europe with participation of Zdravko Lackovic and Robert Likic (University of Zagreb School of Medicine), Ignac Lovrek (University of Zagreb), Roland Jonsson (University of Bergen) and Jadwiga Mirecka (Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow), while Michael Mulvany (University of Aarhus) and Ingeborg Van Der Ploeg (Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm) participated in the panel via live webcast. This was the first such event in Croatia, visited by numerous representatives of the University of Zagreb and other institutions of higher education and science. Similar manifestations are traditionally organized by some prominent establishments of higher education across Europe.  It could be expected that similar  events will be soon organised by other PhD programmes in Zagreb and Croatia.