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5th-8th September 2012, Symposium “PhD in immunology”

September 5th8th 2012, European Congress of Immunology (EFIS), Glasgow, Scotland, 5 – 8 September 2012. Symposium, “PhD in immunology”. 18:00-19:30.This workshop discussed the development of European PhD programmes in immunology and the standards to be expected.Chairs: Seppo Meri (Helsinki) and Catherine Sautès-Fridman (Paris)

  • Introduction by chairs (15 min)
  • Zdravko Lackovic (ORPHEUS President, Zagreb): ORPHEUS Standards as a tool to improve the quality of PhD programmes(15 min)
  • Michael Mulvany (ORPHEUS Vice President, Aarhus): ORPEHUS Standards as the answer to crisis of PhD degree (15 min)
  • Ronald Jonsson (Chair of ORPHEUS2012, Bergen): Evaluation of PhD programmes(15 > min)
  • Hannes Stockinger (Chair of ORPHEUS2010, Vienna): Importance of collaboration and networking (15 min)
  • Discussion (15 min)