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5th October 2012, PhD workshop, University of Queensland, Brisbane


October 5th 2012, PhD workshop, ‘Safeguarding the PhD as a research degree while ensuring employability of PhD graduates‘, University of Queensland, Brisbane. 15:00-16:00.

This workshop drew together Heads of graduate programmes at University of Queensland where in particular the question of the employability of PhD graduates was discussed.

Chair: Prof. Zlatko Skrbis, Dean of the UQ Graduate School.

  • Michael Mulvany, Aarhus: PhD education from a European perspective with particular emphasis on the key matters from within the ORPHEUS-AMSE-WFME report.


  • Discussion


Invited participants:

Conrad Sernia; Lisbeth Grondahl; Wally Thomas; Melissa Brown; Zlatko Skrbis; Alastair McEwan; Nicholas Fisk; Brandon Wainwright; Perry Bartlett; Jodi Clyde-Smith; Matthew Brown; Alan Lopez; Catherine Turner; David Wilkinson; Doune Macdonald; Laurence Walsh; Louise Hickson; Nick Shaw; Jason Connor; Keith Grimwood; Matti Lang; Murray Mitchell; Peter Warfe; Robert Bush; Angela White; Bruce Abernethy; Caroline Gaus; Christine McClintock; David Jenkins; Deirdre McLaughlin; Diann Eley; Greg Rice; Gwendolen Jull; Judith Greer; Kim Seow; Linda Worrall; Marie-Odile Parat; Michelle Paez-Kirkland; Monique Doyle; Remo Ostini; Sharon Doyle; Stephan Riek; Sue Lau