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7th November 2014, LERU Open Seminar, Innovative Doctoral Training: From Principles to Practice, Brussels

The one-day programme included 

  • Presentation of the LERU paper ‘Good elements in doctoral training’ 
  • Doctoral education in the European Research Area
  • Opportunities and challenges for doctoral researchers from research-developing regions 
  • Creating a university ecosystem that fosters innovation in doctoral education: trends and challenges

The League of European Research Universities (LERU) is a consortium of “research universities” in Europe. Founded in 2002, as a partnership of 12  universities, it expanded its membership to 21 universities in 2010.  The 30-page LERU paper presented at the seminar consists of 17 principles and 4 conclusions, together with a list of recommendations. The principles are grouped into (a) formal research training, (b) activities driven by doctoral candidates, (c) career development, and (d) concepts and structures. Each group of principles is illustrated by short reports from each of the LERU members showing how they implement these principles. It is an interesting approach that gives each LERU member the opportunity to reflect on the degree to which they live up to the LERU principles. The LERU principles are all consistent with the ORPHEUS standards. The paper can be downloaded from (PDF).

There were about fifty participants. ORPHEUS was represented by Michael Mulvany.