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Andre Nieoullon CV

Andre Nieoullon

Professor André NIEOULLON, MD, Phd.


Professor of Neurosciences, Université de la Méditerranée in Marseilles, France (Very Exceptional Class)

Assistant-Scientific Director for Biology and Health Sciences at the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (2007- )

Chairman of the Collegium of the Graduate Schools of the Aix-Marseilles’ Universities

President of the Neuroscience Division of the French National Council of Universities

President of the Society for Neuroscience in France (2009-2011)


Birthday : August 2nd, 1948

Maried, 2 children


Current address :         

179, Boulevard des lavandes

83270 Saint Cyr sur mer  France

Phone : +33 4 94 25 55 03


Research Unit:             


CNRS-Université de la Méditerranée

Campus de Luminy – Case 907

13288 Marseille Cedex 9


Phone: +33 4 91 26 92 40


E-mail: andre.nieoullon@univmed.fr   




PhD Marseilles, 1978 (Collège de France in Paris and Université Aix-Marseille III)


Successive positions:

¬†¬ę¬†Charg√© de recherche¬†¬Ľ at the CNRS¬† 1976

¬ę¬†Directeur de recherche ¬Ľ at the CNRS¬† 1986

Professor of Neurosciences in Marseilles, 1988 (Faculty of Sciences)


Expertise field:

 cellular neurobiology; movement disorders; synapse; neurotransmission; Parkinson’s disease; neurodegenerative diseases; basal ganglia; dopamine; excitatory amino acids; experimental medicine


 Responsabilities as a professor of neurosciences:

 Vice Dean of the Faculty of Sciences (1991-1997)

Director of the SuperiorSchool of Engineers in Marseilles’ Luminy (1996-1997)

Head of the GraduateSchool in Life and Health Sciences of the Universities in Marseilles (2000 ‚Äď 2007)

Head of the Collegium of Graduate Schools in Aix-Marseilles’ Universities

Coordination of the training in neurosciences at the ‚ÄúUniversit√© de la M√©diterran√©e‚ÄĚ


 Responsabilities as a scientist:

 Head of the Neurobiology research Unit at the CNRS (1986-2006)

Expert nominated by the French Ministry for Education and Research

Member nominated for numerous scientific committees

President of the Society for Neuroscience in France


Neuroscience training:

 Director of about 20 PhD theses since 1988

Member of the Jury of about 350 PhD theses in France and abroad


 International activities

2010-2012 Member of the Council of the Federation of the European Neurosciences Societies (FENS)

1994-1995 Member of the European Union Experts

2000-2004 Co-ordination of European training program: TEMPUS (Charles’s University in Prague); SOCRATES (University of South Bohemia);


Member of he International Advisory Board of the Society of Neuroscientists of Africa and of the International Brain Research Organisation (IBRO) since 1988 (library Committee)

Numerous evaluations (French Ministry of Education and Research; European Commission; Welcome  Trust; Council for Medical Health Research Holland; ; NIM-NINDS/NFS USA; Fonds National Suisse; Council for Medical Research South-Africa; Medical Council New Zealand, etc.)


Member of the editorial board:

 Journal of Applied Medicine

Behavioral and Brain Functions

Prague Medical Report

Associate Editor of the Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience (2009-2010)


Current evaluation for the following journals:

 Biology of the Cell, Brain Research,Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology,  Neurosciences, European Journal of Neuropharmacology, Neurosciences Letters, European Journal of Neuroscience, Neuropharmacology, Experimental Brain Research, Neurochemistry International, Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology, Journal of Neurotransmission, Journal de Physiologie, Journal of Neuroscience Research, Journal of Neurochemistry, Psychopharmacology

Numerous research programs in the laboratory funded under the Direction of A. Nieoullon

Contribution for years to the organisation of numerous national and international scientific meetings in Marseilles and in France.


Scientific production :

 More than 180 publications since 1971 (for details, see Pub-Med 156 articles)

 Publications  2006-2010


·        Turle-Lorenzo N., Maurin B., Puma C., Chezaubernard C., Morain P., Baunez C., Nieoullon A., Amalric M. The dopamine agonist piribédil with L-Dopa improves attentional dysfunction : relevance for Parkinson’s disease. J. Pharmacol. Exp. Ther., 2006, 319 :914-923

·        Nieoullon A., Canolle B., Masmejean F., *Guillet B., Pisano P., Lortet S. The neuronal excitatory amino acid transporter EAAC1/EAAT3 : does it represent a major actor at the brain excitatory synapse ? J. Neurochem., 2006, 98, 1007-1018

·        Conductier G., Dusticier N., Lucas G., Cote F., Debonnel G., Daszuta A., Dumuis A., Nieoullon A., Hen R., Bockaert J., Compan V.  Adaptives changes in serotonin neurons of the raphe nuclei in 5HT-4 receptor knock-out mouse. Eur. J. Neurosci. 2006, 24, 1053-1062

·        Broccardo c., nieoullon v., amin r., masmejean f., carta s., tassi s., pophillat m., rubartelli a., pierres m., rougon g., nieoullon a., chazal g., chimini g. Abca2 is a marker of neuronal progenitors and neuronal subsets in the adult rodent brain. J. Neurochem., 2006, 97, 345-355

·        Labrande c., velly l., canolle b., guillet b., masmejean f., nieoullon a., pisano p. Neuroprotective effects of tacrolimus (FK506) in a model of ischemic cortical cell cultures: role of glutamate uptake and FK506 binding protein 12 kDa. Neuroscience 2006, 137, 231-239

·        Risterucci C., Coccurello R., Banasr M., Stuzmann J.M., Amalric M., Nieoullon A. The metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 antagonist MPEP and the Na+ channel blocker riluzole show different neuroprotective profiles in reversing behavioural deficits induced by excitotoxic prefrontal cortex lesions. Neuroscience 2006, 137:211-220

·        Nafia I., Re D.B., Masmejean F., Melon C., Kachidian P., Kerkerian-Le Goff L., Nieoullon A., Had-Aissouni L. Preferential vulnerability of mesencephalic dopamine neurons to glutamate transporter dysfunction. J. Neurochem. 2008, 105: 484-496

·        Lortet S., Canolle B., Masmejean F., Nieoullon A. Plasma membrane expression of the neuronal glutamate transporter EAAC1 is regulated by glial factors: evidence for different regulatory pathways associated with neuronal maturation.  Neurochem Int 2008, 52:1373-1382

·        Velly Lj, Canas Pt, Guillet Ba, Labrande Cn, Masmejean Fm, Nieoullon Al, Gouin Fm, Bruder Nj, Pisano Ps. Early anesthetic preconditioning in mixed cortical neuronal-glial cultures subjected to oxygen-glucose deprivation: the role of adenosine triphosphate dependent potassium channels and reactive oxygen species in sevoflurane-induced neuroprotection. Anesth. Analg. 2009, 108 :955-963

·        Aliane V, Perez S, Nieoullon A, Deniau Jm, Kemel Ml. Cocaine-induced stereotypy is linked to an imbalance between the limbic/prefrontal and sensorimotor circuits of the basal ganglia. European Journal of Neuroscience 2009, 30:1269-1279

·        Nieoullon A. Glial glutamate transporters. In: Encyclopedia of Neuroscience 2009, 4: 793-804

·        Cornille E, Abou-Hamdan M, Khrestchatisky M, Nieoullon A, De Reggi M, Gharib B. Enhancement of L-3-hydroxybutyryl-CoA dehuydrogenase activity and circulating ketone body levels by pantethine. Relevance to dopaminergic injury. BMC Neuroscience, 2010


More than 30 other review papers

Contribution to more than 250 scientific meetings

Production of publications for education: review papers, traduction into French of a neuroscience textbook (‚ÄúNeuroscience exploring the Brain‚ÄĚ; Bear, Connors and Paradisio, 1996 and 2000); CDrom, videos, etc.


 Main Distinctions :

Silver Medal ¬ę¬†Soci√©t√© pour l‚ÄôAvancement du Progr√®s¬†¬Ľ (France, 1990)

Prix Monthyon, FrenchAcademy of Sciences (France, 1997)

Medal of the University of South Bohemia (CzechRepublic, 2001)

‚ÄúGrand Prix Foulon‚ÄĚ of the French Academy of Sciences (France, 2004

‚ÄúGrand Prix 2009 de la Recherche Biom√©dicale (Prix Fran√ßois Lhermitte)¬†¬Ľ of the French Academy of Sciences