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Bergen Annual report by president


Agenda Proposal for  the ORPHEUS Executive Committee meeting,

April 19th, 2012, 10.00-14.00.

Meeting Room Radisson Blue hotel, Bergen

ORPHEUS EC members (and co-opted members)  expected to be present: Zdravko Lackovic, Michael Mulvany, Seppo Meri, Andrea Olschewski,  Gul Guner-Akdogan,  Konstantin Gurevich,  Jadwiga Mirecka,  Petr Hach, Miroslav Cervinka, Andre Nieoullon, Roland Jonsson, Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher, Luis Martinez Milan

Excused: Chris Van Schravendijk

Information to auditors: Guenther Gell, Osman Sinanovic

Chair: Prof. Zdravko Lacković

Secretary, Prof. Seppo Meri

Recording Secretary: Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher


1.    Proposal of agenda

2.    Up to date briffing on preparation of Bergen Conference, Conference Chair Roland Jonsson reporting

3.    Annual report of the ORPHEUS activities between two general Assemblies, by ORPHEUS President, Zdravko Lacković

4.    Annual financial report and other financial issues, by ORPHEUS  Treasurer, Prof. Andrea Olschewski

5.    Proposed agenda for future ORPHEUS activities, including further promotion ORPEHEUS of ORPHEUS- AMSE-WFME by ORPEHUS Vice President Micheal Mulvany and  ORPHEUS President, Zdravko Lacković, and others

6.    Preparation  for 8th ORPHEUS 2013 Conference to be held in Prague, presented by Prof.  Petr Hach

7.    Proposal for 2012 ORPEHUS EC meeting to be held in Marseille, Andre Nieoullon reporting

8.    Proposal to held 2014 ORPEHUS conferences in Lausanne, Swiss (Laura De Santis, Lausanne presenting)  

9.    Legal status of ORPEHUS (outcome of registration renewal), mandate of legal representatives and EC membership

10.  Presentation of the changes in ORPHEUS Statute (outcome of registration renewal) and a need for additional amendments, by ORPHEUS General Secretary, Seppo Meri

11.  Proposal for new Executive Committee regular and coopted members ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lacković reporting

12.  Agenda for General Assembly

13.  Any other business


Annual report of the ORPHEUS activities between two general Assemblies

Sixth ORPHEUS 2011 Conference

Sixth ORPHEUS 2011 Conference was held in Izmir with the main topic "PhD Quality Indicators for Biomedicine and Health Sciences". For the first time we have groups in nursing and physical therapy. Very successful conference. Almost 300 participants. Consensus document"PhD Quality Indicators for Biomedicine and Health Sciences" was discussed months after Conference.

Other meetings

  1. At EUA-CDE, Madrid. 8-11 June8-11, 2011,  Michel Mulvany presented ORPHEUS standards in plenary session.
  2. At AMSE Conference, Berlin16-18 June.2011,  Zdravko Lackovic and Michael Mulvany were present. M. Mulvany presented ORPHEUS standards in plenary session.
  3. At FEBS meeting , Torino 26-27 June, 2011, Gul Guner and Michel Mulvany were present. M. Mulvany presented European PhD training on behalf of chairman of EUA-CDE.
  4. At AMEE, Vienna, 28-31 August  workshop on PhD standards was organized. Panellists Jadwiga Mirecka, Chris van Schravendijk, Michel Mulvany and Zdravko Lackovic
  5. European Commission colloquium, Brussels22 September M. Mulvany  represented  ORPHEUS in discussion of PhD standards.
  6. EMTRAIN meeting, Helsinki17-18 October 2011. Presentation of ORPHEUS standards in plenary session by M. Mulvane, Actively present Z. Lackovic and Andre Nieoullon.
  8. THROUG INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION"  was held at University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Medicine, Leioa, Spain, on November 28. Organisation Lusi Martinez Millan. Participants: Jadwiga Mirecka and Zdravko Lackovic
  9. EUA-CDE, Dublin11-13 January .  M. Mulvany participated  on behalf of ORPHEUS.
  10. DAAD project supported international  workshop on PhD program  was held in Wurzburg, January 19-22, 2012. Participants from Germany, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (all medical schools) and Macedonia. Organized by Jürgen Deckert and Zdravko Lackovic. Presenter Z. Lackovic.
  11. EMTRAIN Workshop for PhD students was held in Manchester February23-27, 2012 . Presentation of ORPHEUS/AMSE/WFME standards in plenary sessions was done by M Mulvany

Renewal of ORPHEUS registration

ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic started legally necessary procedure for renewal of ORPHEUS registration.  Negotiation with government authorities was done by Z. Lackovic in the presence of two witnesses. January 26, 2012 decision of Zagreb City Office for General Administration was finished. Legal representatives of ORPHEUS are Zdravko Lackovic, Michel Jon Mulvany, Sepo Kalevi Meri and Andrea Judith Olschewski. Document was delivered to Z. Lackovic in the presence of two witnesses.  All documents were translated from English to Croatian and back from Croatian to English.

Legalisation of Treasurer

After 4 meetings in Graz and Zagreb between Andrea Olschewski and Z. Lackovic and after obtaining "citizen identification number (OIB)" for Andrea Olschewski she become legal representative at  Reiffeisen Bank, Zagreb d.o.o.

Publications about ORPHEUS          

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Mulvany  MJ. Lackovic Z. The modren PhD. Pharmacol Matters 2012; in press