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2017 Executive Committee elections: Call for nominations

Dear colleagues,

There will be several EC vacancies following the 2017 General Assembly in May this year.

The privilege to be nominated to EC member is limited to current Members of ORPHEUS.

EC members are responsible for the overall governance, management and policy of ORPHEUS.

If you demonstrate career progression, professionalism, and a commitment to the advancement of doctoral training, you are invited to send your nominations to ORPHEUS President, Prof. Robert Harris (Karolinska Institutet) (Robert.Harris@ki.se)


 To apply, you will need to:

– fill in the application form (Suppl. 1)

– send us your CV (Suppl. 2)

Also  because of institutional membership you will need to submit a support letter from your institution.  

Your proposals will be considered by the Nominations Committee who will advise current EC on formal nominations. 

The new EC Members will be elected and announced at the 2017 General Assembly.


Please submit your proposals by 12 pm Friday, 31 March, 2017