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Slovenia University of Maribor

POSTGRADUATE STUDY BIOMEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Link of postgraduate study Biomedical Technology: http://mf.um.si/en/study/info-and-process-postgraduates/84-about-the-study-programme Introduction In the last decades medical science has experienced stunning advancement, visible in many fields medicine is being intertwined with. Unavoidable intertwinement of medicine and other natural and humanistic science branches has resulted in technological advancement, which could be mastered only by the professionals… Read more »

Graduate School of Health Sciences of Dokuz Eylul University

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT GRADUATE SCHOOL OF HEALTH SCIENCES OF DOKUZ EYLUL UNIVERSITY Dokuz Eylul University Graduate School of Health Sciences was founded in 1982 to coordinate master‚Äôs and PhD education programmes in various fields related to medicine and health sciences. Director of Graduate School of Health Sciences: Prof. Cetin Pekcetin, VMD, PhD cetin.pekcetin@deu.edu.tr Vice Director… Read more »

Doctoral School FBM of the University of Lausanne

Pushing back the frontiers of knowledge Doctoral School FBM of the University of Lausanne Following a Masters Degree, many graduates wish to continue their studies in scientific research. The Doctoral School FBM of the UNIL (DS) offers the opportunity to conduct a thesis in one of the laboratories of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine… Read more »

Faculty of Medicine of University of Coimbra, Portugal

PhD Program in Health Sciences Our PhD has two main branches: Medicine (for physicians) and Biomedical Sciences (for biologist, biochemists, pharmacists, engineers, etc.). The PhD Program is structured in a 1st curricular year, that includes mandatory courses in: “Research Methods and Techniques”, “Clinical Investigation”, “Biostatistics”, “Molecular Mechanisms of Disease” and “PhD Project”, and optional courses… Read more »

Doctoral Training in University of Bergen

Established in 1946, the University of Bergen (UiB) is a relatively young, modern university. Academic diversity and high quality is considered to be fundamental at UiB, and the academic landscape is characterized by great variety and breadth. The university is divided into seven faculties which cover most of the traditional university disciplines, in addition to… Read more »

University of Milano-Bicocca, School of Medicine and Surgery

The PhD program in Neuroscience is an interdepartmental, multisite enterprise based at the School of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Milano-Bicocca. Its mission is to provide an environment of excellence for training in research based on the coexistence and cooperation of Italian and International Universities, Hospital-based research centers, Pharmaceutical Industry with a strong… Read more »

Doctoral School at Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

¬† Current information: The Doctoral School at Medical University of Plovdiv ¬†(MUP) was established in 2012. It is a functional part of the university and aims at the educational and scientific needs of PhD students and young researchers. The doctoral school is multidisciplinary by nature and is planned to provide systematic, efficient and high-quality doctoral… Read more »

Members of ORPHEUS

¬† Here you can find web links to PhD programmes¬†organised by country of origin ASSOCIATE¬†MEMBERS ¬† Federation¬†of¬†American¬†Societies¬†for¬†Experimental¬†Biology¬†(FASEB) EPHAR¬†–¬†The¬†Federation¬†of¬†European¬†Pharmacological¬†Societies British¬†Pharmacological¬†Society EMTRAIN¬†Project ¬† ¬† ¬† INSTUTUTIONAL¬†MEMBERS ¬† Albania University¬†of¬†Medicine¬†Tirana ¬† Australia University¬†of¬†Melbourne,¬†Faculty¬†of¬†Medicine,¬†Dentistry¬†and¬†Health¬†Sciences¬† ¬† Austria Medical University of Graz Medical¬†University¬†of¬†Vienna ¬† Belgium Ghent¬†University¬†Faculty¬†of¬†Medicine¬†and¬†Health¬†Science Vrije¬†Universiteit¬†Brussel¬†Doctoral¬†School¬†in¬†Life¬†Sciences University of Leuven – KU Leuven ¬† Bosnia¬†and¬†Herzegovina University¬†of¬†Mostar, Faculty of Medicine University¬†of¬†Tuzla,¬†Faculty¬†of¬†Medicine University¬†of¬†Sarajevo,… Read more »