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9th-10th September 2013, ORPHEUS vice-president gave plenary lecture entitled “PhD candidate involvement in setting standards for PhD training”, Luxembourg

ORPHEUS vice-president gave plenary lecture entitled “PhD candidate involvement in setting standards for PhD training” at annual “Life Sciences PhD Days”, Université du Luxembourg conference arranged by the PhD students of Doctoral School in Systems and Molecular Biomedicine and supported by the doctoral school.

3rd-5th April 2014, ORPHEUS 2014 CONFERENCE: Creating Career Opportunities for PhDs in Life and Health Sciences, Lausanne, Switzerland

A conference to discuss expectations on PhD education. Aimed at delegates from Universities, Public & Private Sectors and PhD students PhD training and careers in life science, how to improve them? During the 9th international ORPHEUS conference, delegates from academia, public & private sectors together with PhD students will be invited to present their research,… Read more »

24th-26th June 2013, ORPHEUS WORKSHOP AND EDUCATIONAL PACKCAGE „Responsible Conduct in Research“

The ORPHEUS workshop was held in Dubrovnik at Interuniversity Centre (IUC) (http://www.iuc.hr/) with renown international lecturers from the fields of ethics in science and research; Reidar K. Lie University of Bergen, Department of Philosophy, Adjunct Research Fellow, Department of Bioethics Clinical Canter National Institutes of Health, USA and former Head, Unit on International Research Department… Read more »

29th-30th November 2013, ORPHEUS Workshop on clinical PhD, ”Research at the bed side”, Krakow, Poland

Jagiellonian University Medical College, Conference organizer: Prof. Jadwiga Mirecka and Zdravko Lackovic The workshop covered in particular: (1) Organisation of PhD program for clinical MDs, (2) Type of „clinical“ publications suitable for PhD thesis (3) Multidisciplinary character of most clinical research: who is the author of a Thesis? Who is the mentor? Krakow Position Paper

17th February – 21st March 2013, ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic at Medical University of Karaganda

February 17th– March 21st 2013 ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic was visiting Karaganda Medical University (KMU). Kazakhstan. Beside presenting ORPHEUS, to colleagues from Karaganda and some other Kazakhstan centers he had a lecture at conference on Evidence Based Medicine, and give several lectures to PhD and Master students on introduction of science. At the end of his… Read more »

5th October 2012, PhD workshop, University of Queensland, Brisbane

October 5th 2012, PhD workshop, ‘Safeguarding the PhD as a research degree while ensuring employability of PhD graduates‘, University of Queensland, Brisbane. 15:00-16:00. This workshop drew together Heads of graduate programmes at University of Queensland where in particular the question of the employability of PhD graduates was discussed. Chair: Prof. Zlatko Skrbis, Dean of the… Read more »