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Faculty of Medicine of University of Coimbra, Portugal

PhD Program in Health Sciences

Our PhD has two main branches: Medicine (for physicians) and Biomedical Sciences (for biologist, biochemists, pharmacists, engineers, etc.).

The PhD Program is structured in a 1st curricular year, that includes mandatory courses in: “Research Methods and Techniques”, “Clinical Investigation”, “Biostatistics”, “Molecular Mechanisms of Disease” and “PhD Project”, and optional courses (among which students have to attend 4), on different subjects such as “Cardiovascular Sciences”, “Vision Sciences”, “Neurosciences”, “Oncobiology and Cancer”, “From Genotypes to Phenotypes”, “Animal Models of Disease”, “Epidemiology”, “Pharmacogenomics”, “Hereditary Cancer”, etc; after this curricular part, the students have 3 years to develop the thesis work.

All the information concerning the PhD Program is available on http://phdhs.org/.