ORPHEUS 2005 The Second Conference, Zagreb

ORPHEUS 2005 – The Second European Conference on Harmonisation of PhD Programmes in Biomedicine and Health Sciences, Zagreb 2005

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Proceedings of the Second Conference 


Proceedings of the 2nd Conference
Final version available (June 21, 2005) for download here Conference Proceedings (PDF)

For printed copies please contact the publisher:
Medicinska Naklada d.o.o.
P.O.B. 525; Cankarova 13, HR-10000 Zagreb, CROATIA
Phone/fax: (+ 385 1) 3779-444 / 3779-450 / 3779-451
E-mail: medicinska-naklada@zg.t-com.hr
or prodaja@medicinskanaklada.hr
URL: www.medicinskanaklada.hr


Second European Conference on Harmonisation of PhD Programmes is sponsored by Croatian National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development through the grant given to the Zagreb Medical School for the project PhD Programme “Biomedicine and health sciences”: establishment of a network of similar studies in Croatia and in the whole Europe and development of a system of quality improvement”. As a result of the evaluation process this project was ranked as a third one with 85,66 points out of 100. More information at the Foundation web site here


ORPHEUS – GUIDELINES FOR ORGANISATION OF PhD PROGRAMMES IN BIOMEDICINE AND HEALTH SCIENCES ; recommendations of the Second European Conference on Harmonisation of PhD Programmes In Biomedicine And Health Sciences, held at University of Zagreb – Medical School, Zagreb, Croatia, April 22 – 24, 2005