Doctoral studies in medical specialities at University of Latvia

Experience of doctoral studies in medical specialities at University of Latvia

Prof. Immanuels Taivans, PhD Gunta Strazda

University of Latvia Faculty of Medicine


Medical faculty at University of Latvia was re-established in 1998. All undergraduate and postgraduate educational programs were created de novo. PhD program was elaborated and certified in 2002. PhD programs in exact sciences, including medicine, in main Universities of Latvia has got a support from European Social Funds. It includes stipend, travel grants and support for scientific research. PhD students that have chosen basic medicine can enter the doctoral program just after the graduate from the university. Persons who have chosen clinical medicine have to undergo clinical specialisation (residency) and after the graduation from it they can enter the doctoral program. To our mind this regulation should be changed for some combined educational program that could allow performing in parallel PhD research. This program, besides clinical practice should include the course of statistics and how to perform scientific research. Student must manage one or several laboratory methods and carry out investigations on his/her patients using these methods. To realize it there should be organized access to laboratory equipment for doctoral students There would be useful to organize international educational seminars with hand on opportunities to practise particular laboratory methods as well as courses of general research regulations and statistics. Unique PhD programs in medicine should be elaborated and implemented in all the universities of EU.