PhD programs: information available on the internet

PhD programs in clinical medicine in Europe: information available on the internet

(The Nile is not just a river in Egypt – finding your way in the academic jungle)

Raffaella M Crinelli,

PhD candidate in medical science, Karolinska Institutet, Member of ORPHEUS EC

According to the strategies put forward by the European Commision îthe Bologna process aims to create a European higher education area by 2010 in which students can choose from a wide and transparent range of high quality courses and benefit from smooth recognition proceduresî. The problem we face now is how we give the students the possibility to choose their path i n a wide and transparent way. Finding your way in the academic jungle is not an easy task, here examplified by a simple web search among many European medical schools.

In ORPHEUS website there are 32 European Countries enlisted and each of them offer PhD educaion in the medical science. Among those 32 Countries, only 21 offer information in English and in some Danmark, not for all medical schools. Among these 21 Countries, only 14 present structured and transparent information.

This easy websearch pinpoints that here is a strong need for basic changes if we want to reach an harmonization of PhD education in Europe and above all to attract the brightest brains. Simple changes like structured websites in English, meeting platforms and strong networks could be one of the solution which could lead medical PhD education towards the goal of the Bologna process.

ORPHEUS could be one of those strong networks in which changes can be discussed and operationalized.