Possible links between MEDINE and ORPHEUS

Possible links between MEDINE and ORPHEUS

Jadwiga Mirecka

MEDINE is the name of the Thematic Network in Medical Education in Europe, gathering more than 100 European universities. The Network functions within the Project supported by the European Community.

The Network is aiming at comparability and general improvement of undergraduate medical education in Europe. In order to achieve this goal five Task Forces (TFs) have been organized.to work on :

1. Tunning (agreed competencies of medical graduates),

2. Quality Assurance and Standards,(based on existing systems of quality assurance and WFME Global Standards for Medical Education).

3.International Recognition of Qualifications (based on ECTS and Diploma Supplement)

4. Transparency and Public Understanding of Medical Education (making medical education understandable to all potential stakeholders)

5 Links between Medical Education and Research.(as could be traced in medical undergraduate curricula)

Three of these Task Forces actually dealt with issues closely related to ORPHEUS. Thus TF No.3 has defined specific aspects, which might add to the European dimension of the Global Standards.

TF No.4 created an on-line data base (MedEd Central) which can accommodate a special platform for PhD programms, including recommended topics, list of supervisors, funds available.

TF No.5 provided an overview of research activities envisaged within undergraduate medical curricula and prepared recommendation for better training of future researches.

Although the Project in its present form will be finalized in autumn, the second edition has been proposed. It includes a formal cooperation with ORPHEUS on Quality Assurance of PhD programs. Besides, other outcomes of the MEDINE, relevant for PhD students (like the data base),should become a permanent component of the landscape of medical education in Europe.