The PhD School ñUniversity of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca

The PhD School ñ an innovative structure of the ìIuliu Hatieganuî University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Mircea PA, Badea IR, Buzoianu AD, Bojita MT

ìIuliu Hatieganuî University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The PhD School of the ìIuliu Hatieganuî University of Medicine and Pharmacy is a new institutional structure, created in 2005, and invested with the responsibility of organizing and conducting in optimal conditions the universityís doctoral studies.

The mission of the PhD School is the formation of young researchers in order to achieve necessary competences for scientific research at high quality standards. Specific objectives are represented by the followings: preparing and sustaining the PhD students in the elaboration of their doctoral thesis, achieving the abilities necessary to conceive and manage a research grant and obtaining the capacity to conduct a research, and also, to form a critical spirit, which will permit an objective evaluation either for their own or of otherís research.

In the bio-medical profiled universities of Romania, the PhD studies have duration of 4 years, the first year being the advanced universitary preparation year. For the first year weíve developed a curricula destined to achieve the mentioned objectives, structured on 6 modular units (60 credits in total):

  • Scientific research methodology
  • Notions of ethics of research
  • European legislation for research
  • Norms for publication and the ethics of scientific publications
  • Scientific documentation
  • Design and management of the research grants





To the above described modules a cycle of magisterial presentations are added, with the generic name ìAula Magnaî. For these presentations personalities from scientific, artistic, academic and social circles are invited. Each module ends with an exam, promoting the year being possible after gathering a minimum of 50 credits.

During the advanced universitary preparation year, the PhD students are structuring their research theme, and at the end of the year they present it in a form of a research project to a commission lead by the conductor of the thesis. After the presentation and acceptance of the project, the PhD students start the remaining three years, the effective realization of the research, and conceiving their dissertation.