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Election of a new Executive Committee of ORPHEUS

The session of the ORPHEUS General Assembly was held in Lausanne Jequier Doge Auditorium, Zone PMU, Saturday April 5th, 2014, 13:30-15:00 immediately after Conference Closing ceremony

It is agreed that 2015 ORPHEUS conference will be held in Belgrade.


New Executive Committee members were elected:

Miroslav Červinka, President (member from 2010)

Robert Harris, Vice President

Gul Gunner Akdoğan, General Secretary (member from 2010)

Ana Borovečki, Treasurer

Vladimir Bubaširević

Debora Grosskopf-Kroiher

(Previously elected members are: Andre Nieoullon, Konstantin Gurevich, Simona Dragan and Stephanie Clarke)


The mandate expired of:

  • Zdravko Lackovic, former President (stays in EC as President ex officio)
  • Michael J Mulvany, former Vice President
  • Seppo Meri, former general secretary


It is agreed that in the future representative of PhD candidates will be from the university organizing future conference. In transition period between Lausanne 2014 and Belgrade 2015 conference there will be two representatives of PhD candidates:

  • Natalie Neubert (Lausanne)
  • Vesna Coric (Belgrade)


Auditors are elected:

  • Osman Sinanovic (second term)
  • Laszlo Rosivall (first term)


Auditorium was informed that Executive Committee decided to take as coopted members:

  • Luis Martinez Millan
  • Antonio Sousa Pereira
  • Oksana Sulaieva
  • Sergo Tabagari
  • Paola Zanovello