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17th-20th July 2012, ORPHEUS Workshop “Standards for PhD education in Biomedicine”, Granada, Spain

July 17th-20th 2012, The Federation of European Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR), 6th European Congress on Pharmacology, Granada, Spain.

17-20 July 2012. Workshop “Standards for PhD education in Biomedicine” 17-20 July 2012, 16:00-17:30.

This workshop discussed the development of European PhD programmes in pharmacology and the standards to be expected.

Chairs: Nick Goulding (London) + Roland Jonsson (Bergen)

  • Introduction (5 min) –  chairmen
  • PhD programmes in Spain (15 min) – Dolores Prieto (Madrid)
  • PhD programmes in Germany (15 min) – Katrin Offe (Munich)
  • PhD programmes in Former Eastern Europe (15 min) – Zdravko Lackovic (Zagreb)
  • ORPHEUS-AMSE- WFME Standards for PhD education (20 min) – Michael Mulvany (Aarhus)
  • Discussion (20 min)