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19th-21st October 2012, ORPHEUS Executive Committee meeting was held in Marseille (France)

October 19th-21st 2012, ORPHEUS  Executive Committee meeting was held in Marseille (France). Host of the meeting on behalf of University of Marseilles was ORPHEUS EC member Professor Andre Nieoullon. Hospitality of professor Nieoullon was memorable. Most important issues  discussed were: Preparation for 2013 ORPEHUS Conference in Prague Discussion and plans related to globalization  of ORPHEUS… Read more »

5th-8th September 2012, European Congress of Immunology (EFIS), Glasgow, Scotland, 5 – 8 September 2012. ORPHEUS-EFIS Symposium, “PhD in immunology”.

EFIS is an umbrella organization that represents more than 12,000 individual members from 29 member societies in 31 European countries (all European Union member states and all other European states) and reaches beyond the European boundaries to Israel. This year conference was held in Glasgow. ORPEHUS together with EFI)S organized a workshop: “PhD in Immunology” … Read more »

20th July 2012, ORPHEUS-EPHAR Symposium in Granada

July 20th 2012 The 6th European Congress of Pharmacology  was held in Granada, Spain. In organization of ORPHEUS and EPHAR (The Federation of European Pharmacological Societies)  workshop “Standards for PhD Education in Biomedicine” was held on July 20. Workshop was chaired by Roland Jonsson and Nick Goulding.  Program was as follows: PhD programmes in Spain:… Read more »

27th-28th November 2012, ORPHEUS Workshop, Cologne

Workshop November 27th-28th 2012 . Cologne. “Career Development for PhD Students:Research Training for the Knowledge Society” This conference discussed new developments in PhD education in Germany, in particular as regards ensuring that PhD graduates receive training in the competencies they will need in their future careers, whether it be in academia or outside. Programme: 27… Read more »

30th May 2012, ORPHEUS PhD workshop was held under the topic: Vision of ORPHEUS in PhD Education: Towards European Standards, at Marmara University, Istanbul

May 30th, 2012 at Marmara University, Istanbul, PhD workshop was held under the topic: Vision of ORPHEUS in PhD Education: Towards European Standards. Main organizer was Professor Feyza Aricioglu, head of Marmara University Institute of Health Sciences and there were about 40 participants from Marmara but also otherUniversities inIstanbul, in total 100 participants. Invited guests… Read more »

17th-20th July 2012, ORPHEUS Workshop “Standards for PhD education in Biomedicine”, Granada, Spain

July 17th-20th 2012, The Federation of European Pharmacological Societies (EPHAR), 6th European Congress on Pharmacology, Granada, Spain. 17-20 July 2012. Workshop “Standards for PhD education in Biomedicine” 17-20 July 2012, 16:00-17:30. This workshop discussed the development of European PhD programmes in pharmacology and the standards to be expected. Chairs: Nick Goulding (London) + Roland Jonsson… Read more »

28th November 2011, ORPHEUS Spain Workshop

28th November 2011. IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF PHD STUDIES IN BIOMEDICINE THROUGH INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION was held at University of the Basque Country, Faculty of Medicine, Leioa, Spain. Organisation Lusi Martinez Millan. Participants: Jadwiga Mirecka and Zdravko Lackovic.