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Doctoral School FBM of the University of Lausanne

Pushing back the frontiers of knowledge

Doctoral School FBM of the University of Lausanne

Following a Masters Degree, many graduates wish to continue their studies in scientific research. The Doctoral School FBM of the UNIL (DS) offers the opportunity to conduct a thesis in one of the laboratories of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM). This challenging experience will then be awarded with a Doctorate Degree in Life Sciences, Medicine and Sciences, Medicine, Nursing Sciences or Neuroscience.

The chosen field of study may vary (e.g. ecology, biomedicine, computational biology, microbiology, bioethics or clinical studies); however common to each thesis is the chance to participate in an interdisciplinary “living knowledge” project that is fueled with innovative research and advanced continuing education programs.

400 supervisors are affiliated to the DS. They transmit their knowledge and methods to nearly 900 doctoral students on a personalized mentoring level. This enables the students to develop critical and analytical thinking, as well as intellectual rigor. Activities such as designing experiments, writing publications and presenting results during national and international conferences prepares the students to have successful careers in a world that encourages exploration.

Doctoral school graduates evolve to take on careers in different fields such as academic research, industry, international and/or non-governmental organizations, hospitals, museums, scientific journalism, public administration, federal research institutes, bioinformatics or environmental protection (just to name a few).

The mission of the FBM Doctoral School is above all to train scientists who will be able to push back the frontiers of knowledge and to use this strength at the service of human health and life in all its forms.

More information: www.unil.ch/ecoledoctoralefbm