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Mission Statement (2)



  • ORPHEUS (Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System.) is an association of European biomedical and health science faculties and institutions.
  • ORPHEUS is committed to safeguarding the reputation of the PhD as a research degree and strengthening career opportunities for PhD graduates
  • ORPHEUS is an Associate Member of the European University Association – Council for Doctoral Education, EUA-CDE.
  • Since 2004 ORPHEUS has organized annual thematic European conferences in Zagreb, Helsinki, Aarhus, Vienna and Izmir (see History ). On the basis of those conferences and in cooperation with Association of Medical Schools in Europe (AMSE) and World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) ORPHEUS develops standards for PhD education. The standards from 2012 may be found here [PDF] .







 The aims of ORPHEUS
  • To develop standards for PhD education.
  • To safeguard the PhD as a research degree and to strengthen career opportunities for PhD graduates
  • To give active support and guidance to members of ORPHEUS in enhancing their contributions to medicine and society in general.
  • To provide information to members of ORPHEUS and all PhD candidates all over Europe.
  • To represent higher education and research in biomedicine and health sciences and to influence policy making at national, European and international level.
  • To encourage cooperation among members of the Association and the development of effective bilateral and multilateral networks.
  • To promote cooperation in research and development of joint PhD programmes.
  • To promote harmonisation of PhD programmes in biomedicine and health sciences
  • To encourage mobility of PhD candidates and academic staff .
  • To stimulate quality assurance of PhD research and education, and in particular to develop an accreditation process of PhD programmes in biomedicine and health sciences.
  • To cooperate with other associations with similar goals.
   ORPHEUS-AMSE-WFME Standards download [PDF]


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