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International Workshop of PhD Study was organized by Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin, with support of European Social Fund Project and in collaboration with ORPHEUS (Organization for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System). The workshop took place at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine, Comenius University in Martin from October 5th to 7th, 2008.

Participants were from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Poland
Dean D. Mistuna, ORPHEUS president Z. Lacković, conference organizer K. Javorka Professor Kamil Javorka.jpg 

Participants were from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Poland



The participants of the International Workshop on PhD Study, after presentations, discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences, have concluded and agreed on the following:
1) PhD programmes as the third cycle of high education according to Bologna process is an organic part of the Medical and Health Sciences education in preclinical as well as in clinical disciplines and other medicine related disciplines. PhD programmes in Medicine and Health Sciences are specific in their mission of the study and in the final target: Human Being.
2) The participants have agreed with criteria for a†PhD education in Medical and Health Sciences as are well specified in the ORPHEUS documents (The Zagreb Declaration, 2004, Helsinki Consensus, 2007, etc.).
3) For PhD education in the Medical and Health Science disciplines, like in other fields, research is the basis for the successful study. For research in medical disciplines is a†necessity of the collaboration with other specialists – biophysists, biochemists, biomedical engineers, mathematicians, physicians, as well as laboratorians, etc.
4) Education in PhD clinical programmes has many specific features – integration of† theoretical, preclinical and clinical knowledge, human subjects as an object of the research and starting with development of clinical skills taking latter to the specialization study.
5) During the education in PhD clinical programmes is recommended close cooperation between clinical and theoretical disciplines. This cooperation is essentiall and useful for participants in the research and beneficial to PhD student.
6) Participants have agreed with statement that research work of undergraduate students is a good basis for a†consecutive PhD study; it is recommended to support this work.
7) Results accentuated the crucial role of the tutors/supervisors in quality of the PhD education and in the combined PhD and specialization educations.
8) Unchangeable role in PhD education, in exchange of scientific results, widening contacts among related universities and faculties have conferences of PhD students. Participants have recommended to organize the conferences with participation of† representatives of other faculties and on the international level.
9) PhD students – as active participants in PhD programmes – they should have opportunity to participate in the decission making process regarding PhD study. It is recommended to start discussion with the aims to improve their social status, financial support, and to define appropriate ratio between time dedicated to the research work and to clinical practice of PhD candidates in clinical disciplines.

Aditional information could be found on web site of Jassenius Medical Faciulty, Martin ( http://www.jfmed.uniba.sk/index.php?id=4082 )