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Orpheus conference 2020

Dear Colleagues,


The ORPHEUS CONFERENCE 2020 will take place in Braga, Portugal, April 2-4, 2020. Please visit the webpage (https://www.med.uminho.pt/en/ORPHEUS2020/) to learn about the stimulating program with recognized experts/leaders in the field.



The highlights will be on assessment and interactive teaching methodologies. In addition to the plenary lectures, the various workshops will offer participants the opportunity to  acquire/discuss/become aware of valuable tools in postgraduate education (assessment, feedback, entrepreneurship, type of supervision, conflict management).


The program targets faculty, policy makers, administrators and students interested in postgraduate education.


We expect this to be an exciting conference, with opportunities for networking and establishment of collaborations, for sharing expertise and ideas, fostering awareness and propose action to improve the quality of postgraduate education.

The program will also encourage you to enjoy the culture and the gastronomy of the north of Portugal.


If you you have any questions please contact the Chair of the ORPHEUS CONFERENCE 2020 prof. Joana Palha (japalha@med.uminho.pt)