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ORPHEUS Labelling

ORPHEUS Labelling was fist discussed in 2011 in Izmir, then in Bergen 2012. The idea is to organize international evaluation of PhD programs. This is not accreditation which is usually a responsibility of government authorities in different countries. As a non-mandatory international evaluation its main purpose is to increase harmonization of PhD programs around ORPHEUS-AMSE-WFME standards. ORPHEUS labell should be the reward to those who comply with basic principles of the Standards. It is agreed that the procedure should be simple and not too expensive. Et ORPEHUS Executive Committee meetings in Prague 2013, and Bilbao 2013 the ORPHEUS Labelling Board was nominated: Zdravko Lackovic, Andre Nieoullon, Seppo Meri, Jadwiga Mirecka, Michael John Mulvany (Chairman) with a task to start the process, to develop procedures and rules and to present and discuss that at the next ORPHEUS conference. The preliminary procedure and questionnaire can be found in attachments [preliminary procedure] [questionnaire].