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17th February – 21st March 2013, ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic at Medical University of Karaganda

February 17th– March 21st 2013 ORPHEUS President Zdravko Lackovic was visiting Karaganda Medical University (KMU). Kazakhstan. Beside presenting ORPHEUS, to colleagues from Karaganda and some other Kazakhstan centers he had a lecture at conference on Evidence Based Medicine, and give several lectures to PhD and Master students on introduction of science. At the end of his stay Professor Lackovic prepared critical  report for the Faculty Board of KMU with suggestions how to improve research activity, visibility of research at KMU and how to organize and improve PhD Program.

Z. Lackovic, NeilaTankibayeva and  S Tabagary visiting Holding Phytochemistry Karlag prison camp museum - Badalina Aigul, S. Tabagari, N. Scherbak and Z. Lackovic Prof. Lackovic lecturing wih excellent trnslator Dr Viktor Riklefs
Entrance of KMU with statute of Avicenna Conference on Evidence based Medicine Visiting Laboratory
with students training clinical skills With PhD student family. Grandma is preparing kumis (horse milk with lactose fermented in alcohol) Good by performance by KMU students