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Doctoral School at Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria


Current information:

The Doctoral School at Medical University of Plovdiv  (MUP) was established in 2012. It is a functional part of the university and aims at the educational and scientific needs of PhD students and young researchers. The doctoral school is multidisciplinary by nature and is planned to provide systematic, efficient and high-quality doctoral training as well as well as administrative and consulting support through the whole period of the different PhD programs accredited at the MUP.

The target groups of the Doctoral School are PhD students, young researchers, post-doctoral students and undergraduate students.


Main goals:

  • providing administrative, informative and consultative help regarding the whole training process of the PhD students and young researchers  from Medical University – Plovdiv;

  • assistance in the general educational preparation during the training for the PhD degree following the specifics of medical education and scientific activity;

  • expansion of the scientific and research capacity of the academic staff of the University


Main activity:

The Doctoral School follows a group educational program and provides a calendar of lectures and seminars on different topics on a biannual base – during winter and summer semesters respectively. The educational program is approved by the Academic Council at MUP and is actualized based on the changing requirements of PhD education.

  • The curriculum consists of topics related to gaining research knowledge and skills: organization and methods of scientific research, preparation of the PhD-thesis, statistics, ethics, pedagogy and other aspects of scientific work.

  • Training aimed at acquiring knowledge and competence that provide career development of young researchers and PhD students: teamwork, communication skills, presentation skills, preparing project proposals etc.

  • There are foreign language courses, IT, computer and statistics courses are also available.

  • Promotion of modern high-technology medical methods and scientific achievements with lectures and webinars by international guest lecturers.



  • The organizational structure, regulations and activities in the Doctoral School are described in the Rules and Regulations, approved by the Academic Council.

  • The director of the Doctoral School is the Vice Rector of Research. There is also a coordinator (an academic lecturer responsible for performing functions related to the School) and organizers who are experts in the Department of Science and Research).



 Link to the web-site:http://mu-plovdiv.bg/en/science/doctoral-programs/