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Professor Dr. David Gordon CV



Professor Dr. David Gordon

Professor David Gordon MA MB FRCP FMedSci


Visiting Professor

University of Copenhagen

Faculty of Health Sciences

Blegdamsvej 3b

DK-2200 Copenhagen N




Date of birth 23 February 1947

Degrees and professional qualifications:
1970 – 1971 MA, MB, BChir (Cambridge)
1972 MRCP (UK)
1989 FRCP

Membership of learned societies etc.
Elected Fellow of the Academic of Medical Sciences (1999).
Member of the editorial board of Molecular Medicine Today.
Former member of the Richards Committee on Academic Clinical careers, of committees for the Culyer and Harris Inquiries, etc. Former Civil Service Medical Referee.
Member of the Association of Physicians, 1942 Club, etc.

Current substantive appointment
Visiting Professor, University of Copenhagen ,.

Other current appointments
President, Association of Medical Schools in Europe (2004 – 2010)

Other recent appointments
1980-1983 Senior Lecturer in Medicine and Assistant Director of the Medical Unit,
St. Mary's Hospital Medical School.
1980-1995 Honorary Consultant Physician, St. Mary's Hospital, London W2.
1983-1999 Assistant Director, then Programme Director, then Director of Special
Initiatives, Wellcome Trust.
1999 -2004 Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, University of Manchester, Professor of Medicine: Victoria University of Manchester. –
2004 – 2006 Dean of the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, Dean of the Medical School, and Professor of Medicine, University of Manchester
2004 – 2007 Vice President, The University of Manchester
2003 – 2006 Chair, Council of Heads of Medical Schools
2007 – 2010 Vice President, ORPHEUS (ORganisation of PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the EUropean System)
2009 – Visiting Professor of Medicine, State Medical and Pharmaceutical University ìN. Testemitanuî, Chişinău, Moldova

Selected Publications
H. Karle, L. Christensen, D Gordon, J Nystrup.† Neo-colialism versus sound globalisation policy in medical education. Medical Education 42, 956-958, 2008
D. Gordon, L. Christensen, M. Dayrit, F. Dela, H. Karle, H. Mercer. Educating health professionals: the Avicenna project. Lancet 371, 966-967, 2008
D. Gordon. Funding and research infrastructure: revolutionary times. Molecular Medicine Today 1, 207, 1995.
J. Calam, D. Gordon, W.S. Peart, S.A. Taylor, R.J. Unwin. Renal effects of gastrin C-terminal tetrapeptide (as pentagastrin) and cholecystokinin octapeptide in conscious rabbit and man. British Journal of Pharmacology 91, 307-314, 1987.
T.W. Meade, J.D. Imeson, D.Gordon, W.S. Peart. The epidemiology of plasma renin. Clinical Science 64, 273-280, 1983.
B.I. Williams, D. Gordon, W.S. Peart. Abnormal variability of intraocular pressure and systemic arterial blood pressure in diabetes, hypertension and retinal venous occlusion. Lancet 2, 1255-1257, 1981.
D. Gordon, F.S. Nashat, C.S. Wilcox. An analysis of the regulation of sodium excretion during induced changes in plasma sodium concentration in anaesthetised dogs. Journal of Physiology 314, 531-545, 1981.
S. Moss, D. Gordon, M.L. Fosling, W.S. Peart, V.H.T. James, S.A. Roddis. Water and electrolyte composition of urine and ileal fluid and its relationship to renin and aldosterone during dietary sodium deprivation in patients with ileostomies. Clinical Science 61, 407-415, 1981.
D. Gordon, S.A. Roddis, P.S. Sever. Effect of propranolol on heart rate, blood pressure and plasma noradrenaline during coitus in the rabbit. Clinical Science 59, 231-236, 1980.
P.S. Sever, D. Gordon, W.S. Peart, P. Beighton. Blood pressure and its correlates in urban and tribal Africa. Lancet 2, 60-64, 1980.
D. Gordon, W.S. Peart. Sodium excretion in man, and adaptation to a low-sodium diet: effect of intravenous sodium chloride. Clinical Science 57, 225-231, 1979.
P.S. Sever, W.S. Peart, T.W. Meade, I.B. Davies, D. Gordon, R.D.G. Tunbridge. Are racial differences in hypertension due to different pathogenetic mechanisms? Clinical Science and Molecular Medicine 55, 383-386, 1978.†

Recent major grants
Wolfson Foundation (2000): GBP4m for construction of the Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre. (jointly)
Medical Research Council (2001): GBP5.7m, for functional and molecular imaging (North West Science Review).
Medical Research Council (2001): GBP3m, for functional genomics (North West Science Review). (jointly)
Wolfson Foundation (2003): GBP600k for a centre for rational design of molecular diagnostics. (jointly)
Wolfson Foundation (2006): GBP1.5m for construction of the Institute of Health Sciences.


He become ORPHEUS Executive Committee member†† February 9, 2007.