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Professor Dr. Irena Miseviciene CV


Professor Dr. Irena Miseviciene

Professor Irena Misevičienė
Professor (Medicine); Doctor of Sciences (Habil.);
Kaunas University of Medicine; Institute for Biomedical Research of Kaunas University of Medicine, Eiveniu str. 4, LT-50009 Kaunas, LITHUANIA



Date of birth 23 July, 1950

Degrees and professional qualifications:
1974 Medical doctor (MD), Kaunas Medical Institute
1981 Doctor of Medical Science (PhD) in Cardiology, Kaunas Medical Institute
1990 Habil. Doctor of Medical Sciences, Kaunas Academy of Medicine
1992 Professor, Preventive medicine, Public Health Faculty, Kaunas University of Medicine

1980 International Course in Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Prevention, Lithuania, Elektrenai
1981 International Course in Clinical Epidemiology and Public Health Aspects of Diabetes Mellitus, Cambridge, UK
1984 Training Course, Managerial Process for National Health Development, Moscow, USSR
1993 Training Course, Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, Halifax, Canada
1998 International Course ìDeveloping Multidisciplinary Teamworkî, NSPH, Goteberg, Sweden
1999 International Course ìClinical Epidemiology (Evidence Based Medicine)î, NSPH, Goteberg, Sweden

Current substantive appointment
Director, Institute for Biomedical Research of Kaunas University of Medicine (since 1997)
Vice-rector for research, Kaunas University of Medicine (since 2002)

Other current appointment
Coordinator, Health Promoting Hospitals Network, WHO coordinated programme (since 1993)
Member, Advisory Committee for the Evaluation of National Health Programme Implementation (since 1997)
Member of Editorial Board of Scientific Journals ìMedicinaî, ìBendrosios praktikos gydytojasî (General Practitioner), ìVisuomen's sveikataî (Public Health) (since 2000)
Member, National Health Council (since 2000)
Member, National Scientific Committee for Food and Nutrition (since 2003)
Chair, Science committee of National Universities Rectorís conference (since 2005)
Member, Governance board of International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals (since 2005)
Member, Steering Committee of Baltic Sea Region Universities Network (BSRUN) (since 2006)
Secretary ORPHEUS (since 2006)

Other recent appointments
1982 – 2002 Coordinator, CINDI Lithuania (Countrywide Integrated Noncommunicable Disease Intervention, WHO/EURO coordinated programme)
1995 – 2000 Member, National Research Council Advisory Committee
1998 – 2000 Member, European Advisory Committee for Health Research
2000 – 2001 Coordinator, Health and Health Care Systems Research, WHO coordinated project

Selected Publications
(More than 300 scientific publications in international and national peer-reviewed journals and other publications)

Liseckiene I, Boerma WG, Milaöauskienė é; Valius L, Misevičienė I; Groenewegen PP. Primary care in a post-communist country 10 years later Comparison of service profiles of Lithuanian primary care physicians in 1994 and GPs in 2004. Health Policy. 2007 Jan 18;

Klumbienė J; Petkevičienė J; Vaisvalavičius V; Misevičienė I. Advising overweight persons about diet and physical activity in primary health care: Lithuanian health behaviour monitoring study. BMC public health [electronic resource<http://www.biomedcentral.com/bmcpublichealth>]. ISSN 1471-2458. 2006, 6.30.

Valiukevičienė S; Misevičienė I; Gollnick H. The Prevalence of Common Acquired Melanocytic Nevi and the Relationship With Skin Type Characteristics and Sun Exposure Among Children in Lithuania. Archof Dermatol.. 2005, 141, 579-586.

Klumbienė J; Milaöauskienė é; Misevičienė I; Å ačkutė A. Динамика артериального давления и прогнозирование артериальной гипертензии: данные 20-летнего наблюдения детской когорты // Кардиология. 2004, 44, 30-34.: <http://www.mediasphera.aha.ru/cardio/card-mn.htm>.

Stock C; K¸c¸k N; Misevičienė, I; GuillÈn-Grima, F; Petkevičienė J; Aguinaga-Ontoso, I; Kr‰mer, A. Differences in health complaints among university students from three European countries // Preventive medicine. 2003, 37, 535-543.

Obelienienė D; Schrader H; Bovim, G; Misevičienė I; Sand, H. Pain after whiplash: a prospective controlled inception cohort study. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiat. 1999, 66, 279-283.

Obelienienė D; Bovim, G; Schrader H; Å urkienė D; Mickevičienė D; Misevičienė I; Sand, T. Headache after whiplash: a historical cohort study outside the medico-legal context, Cephalalgia. 1998, 18, 559-564.

Endzinienė M; Pauza V; Misevičienė I. Prevalence of childhood epilepsy in Kaunas, Lithuania, Brain and development.. 1997, 19, 379-387.

Schrader H; Bovim G; Sand, T, Obelienienė D; Å urkienė D; Mickevičienė D; Misevičienė I. Natural evolution of late whiplash syndrome outside the medicolegal context. Lancet. 1996, 347, 1207-1211.



She† become ORPHEUS Executive Committee member†† February 9, 2007.