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Charter of the PhD researcher and Supervisor

KU Leuven has made a tool which outlines the role of the (co)supervisor and the PhD researcher in the doctoral process.

The importance of proper supervision for the smooth running of doctoral research and training cannot be overestimated. The supervisor, possibly supported by one or more co-supervisors and the supervisory committee are the people responsible for supervising and supporting the PhD researcher.

Mind the GAP (Good Academic Research Practices) is an online training tool focusing on the good academic research practices contributing to research integrity, this to help researchers perform high-quality academic research and to prevent mistakes and research misconduct. This interactive training on research integrity is based on the European Code of Conduct on Research Integrity (ALLEA-Code, 2017).  The tool has been created by the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR) in cooperation with the research integrity and policy advisors of all 5 Flemish universities (KU Leuven, UAntwerp, UGent, UHasselt and VUB) and was funded by the Flemish Government – Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI). It replaces the former tool available at KU Leuven developed by Epigeum.

This e-learning tool consists of four main modules relevant for all researchers, independent of their discipline

Public Defence

University of Tampere, Finland has published a number of videos with good advise on the public defence. Find them here

Sea EU has published a catalogue of “Inspiring alumni stories: Testimonials of Blue Doctorate Holders

Exit Poll

All doctoral students graduating from KI are invited to evaluate the education they have received in an exit poll. The questionnaire is anonymous the answers are treated with utmost confidentiality.

Mental Health Matters

How to keep young researchers happy, enthusiastic, and in a good mental shape?
Mental Health Matters is a light-hearted and invigorating podcast series in which two PhD students invite other young researchers to talk about their mental well-being.

Link to Mental Health Matters on Spotify



Imposter feelings, cultural differences or loneliness. They’re not uncommon in the academic world.

It is time to open up about this – see more on UGhent’s page on UnPublished Mental Health Taboos 





Alumni Testimonials

KU Leuven, Belgium

The YouReCa Career Center aims to support early stage researchers to be able to make conscious career decisions. We offer career development tools, workshops, networking opportunities, moments of reflection and inspiration by PhD alumni and their career stories.

Find them here

Charter of the Postdoctoral Researcher and the Senior Academic Host

KU Leuven has a vibrant and diverse community of postdoctoral researchers eager to let their passions and ambitions flourish in a stimulating climate of scientific curiosity, personal growth and collective engagement. Together with other key figures in the academic ecosystem, postdoctoral researchers help bridge the gap between emerging and established researchers, and make indispensable contributions to our institution.