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Sergo I. Tabagari CV

Professor Sergo I. Tabagari, M.D., Ph.D

Business Address: DavidTvildianiMedicalUniversity, “AIETI” MedicalSchool


Ljubljana Street, Tbilisi

– 0159, Georgia

Phone: (+995-32) 2516898, (+995 551) 195019 (M)

Fax: (+995 32) 2527196

E-mail: stabagari@europe.com; dean@aieti.edu.ge


Place and date of birth: Khashuri, Georgia, May 9, 1946



1964 – School leaving Certificate (grade excellent, with gold medal)

1970 M.D. Medical Diploma, with honors. Tbilisi State Medical Institute

1976 Ph.D. Certificate (Biochemistry). Tbilisi State Medical Institute

Professional experience:

1971 – 1973 Postgraduate Student, Department of Biochemistry, Tbilisi State Medical Institute

1973 – 1983 Assistant of Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Tbilisi State Medical Institute

1979 – 1981 Head of Biochemical Laboratory, SportCenter “Dinamo”, Tbilisi

1981 – 1985 Senior Scientist, Department Experiment and Clinical Pharmacology. Institute of

Pharmacology, Tbilisi

1983 – 1996 Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Tbilisi State Medical Institute, Tbilisi

1990 – 19 96 Vice-Dean (Scientific) of Medical Faculty, State Medical Institute, Tbilisi

1988 – 1990 Research Workers, Institute of NutritionRussianMedicalAcademy, Moscow, Russia

1991 – 1995 Consultant, RepublicanCenter of Scientific Medical Information Ministry of Health, Tbilisi

1992 – 1995 Head of Laboratory of Neurochemistry, Scientific Research Institute of Neurology, Tbilisi

1994 – 2000 Head of National Focal Point. Black Sea Environmental Program (Special Monitoring

Program), Tbilisi

1992 – Present Head of Department of Medical Biochemistry, “AIETI” Highest MedicalSchool, Tbilisi

1993 – 1997 Deputy Director, Institute of Hygiene, Tbilisi

1995 – Present Dean, “AIETI” Highest MedicalSchool, Tbilisi

1997 – Present Consultant in Laboratory Medicine, MedicineCenter “CITO”, Tbilisi

1997 – 2006 Leader Scientist, Institute of Hygiene, Tbilisi

2006 – Present Expert of Georgian National Scientific Foundation

2005 – Present Full Professor of AIETIMedicalSchool

2007 – 2010 Member NATO Research and Technology Organization

2008 – Present President of Georgian Association of Clinical Chemistry

2010 – Present Head of Georgian Association of PhD Education in Biomedicine & Health Sciences

2010 – Present Representative of Georgian Association of Medical Specialties in UEMS Section/Board of

Medical BioPathology

2013- Present Honorary Professor of KaragandaState MedicalUniversity

2014 – Present Expert (Laboratory Medicine); National Body on Accreditation –AccreditationCenter

Scientific Work:

Recent research: Clinical Chemistry Problems. Biochemistry of Nutrition. Human Health Biomarkers. Medical Education Systems .Environmental and Human policy and planning. Health standards and systems.

Publications: Total 115 Scientific Articles)


Professional Societies:

Association for Medical Educational in Europe (2002)

Georgian Association of Clinical Chemistry (2008)

ORPHEUS – Organisation for PhD Education in Biomedicine and Health Sciences in the European System (2009)

Association of MedicalSchool in Europe (2010)

Supervision of Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Candidates of Medical Science

Teimuraz A.Kobakhidze 1995

The Influence of Intraoperational Treatments of Abdominal Cavity by magnetite suspension on Functional State of Liver of patients with common forms of peritonitis.

Gia G. Ghakhava 1998

The Lipid profile of Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood Serum of patients with Multiinfarct Demencia

Tamar V.Kandashvili 2001 The Differential Diagnosis of the Serous Effusions

Tamari Thalakvadze 2006 The Effect of Certain Apoptosis components on the Protein

Metabolism Parameters in Patients Chronic Heart Failure

Aleqsandre Esakia 2007 The Influence of Hyperglycemia and Atherogenic Lipid Profile

On Vasodilatative Reserve in Patients with Ischemic Heart

Postdoctoral Fellows (MSc)


Natia N. Partkhavadze 1998

Supervision of PhD Students 2010 -Present

Cellular Biomarkets as Useful Tool in the Biological Monitoring of Marine Pollution.

4th PhD Students

3 PhD Students (KaragandaStateMedicalUniversity)


2010 HFM Panel Excellence Award – North Atlantic Treaty Organization Research & Technology


Selected Publications:


Moore, M.N., Lowe, D.M., Wedderburn, R.J., Wade, T.L., et all. International Mussel Watch (UNESCO/IOC) in the Black Sea: A Pilot Study for Biological Effects and Contaminant Residues. In: S Besiktepe et al (eds.), Environmental Degradation of the BlackSea: Challenges and Remedies, Kluwer Academic Publishers, the Netherlands, 1999: 273-289


Moore, M.N., Wade, T., Wedderburn , R.J., Lowe, et all.

The UNESCO/IOC “Black Sea Mussel Watch Pilot Study”: Biological effects and contaminant residues. In Black Sea Pollution Assessment, Black Sea Environmental Series Vol. 10 United Nations Publications, New York, 1999: 279-292


Bregvadze-Tabagari N. , Zhgenti N.,Talakvadze T., Tabagari S.

Amino-Terminal pro-BNP in Patients with Chronic Heart Failure: Effect of Disease Severity, Etiology, Renal Function and Various Clinical-Laboratory Indexes. Proceeding of the 8th International Congress on CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE, October 11-14, 2009, Prague, Czech Rebublic. Ed. MEDIMOND International Proceedings. 2009: 409-414


S. Mendis, L. Lindholm, S.Anderson, et all.Total Cardiovascular Risk Approach to Improve Efficiency of Cardiovascular Prevention in Resource Constrain Settings Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. 2011; Vol. 64 (11): 1451-1462


M. Toidze, P. Nordet, N. Bregvadze-Tabagari, G. Pkhakadze, T. Talakvadze, L. Tvildiani

Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease and Cardiovascular Risk Assessment of the Georgian Population by WHO/ISH Risk Assessment Scores. INNOVATIVE MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY. 2012; No: 1-2: 8-26