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Training materials

In this section you can find various training materials. If you wish to create your own training material to be posted on the web page please use the enclosed PowerPoint template.

Orpheus video presentation template (.pptx)

Presentations from ORPHEUS Conferences and Workshops

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Pereira Fostering Translational Doctoral Programmes in Health Sciences Lisabon

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Olsnes Training the trainers experience with mandatory supervisor training at University of Bergen

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Harris Current and Future Challenges in Doctoral Education -global trends

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Cunningham The Irish Survey of Student Engagement ISSE for Postgraduate Researcher PGR

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Creemers Persuit of happiness Optimising student experience at KU Leuven

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Concha Peiro Ways to boost the training horizons of PhD candidates

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Wurzner Monitoring and Assessment of PhD training University of Innsbruck

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Pekmezovic Twelve-year evaluation of PhD study program in Medical Sciences at the Faculty of Medicine University of Belgrade

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Godson Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks ITN Doctoral Programme

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Gil Oliveira Building an MD PhD program as a hub to promote biomedical reserach Miniho

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Douma Advisory consultations for PhD Candidates in the confidental setting of Garduate School

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 de Wilde Optimising the doctoral student experience the impact of coatching

ORPHEUS Dublin Conference 2019 Clyne Developing PhD supervisory experience through sturcturde PhD programmes in UCDublin

ORPHEUS Rejkjavik Conference 2018 Borovecki How to teach ethics of science to PhD students

ORPHEUS Rejkjavik Conference 2018 Hofmann Cultural differences with respect to research integrity

ORPHEUS Kalaipeda Conference 2017 Mulvany Harris Branett Comparison of doctoral training in EU and US

ORPHEUS Kalaipeda Conference 2017 Creemers Implementing an IDP at KU Leuven

ORPHEUS WORKSHOP Istambul 2016 Mulvany ORPHEUS tools for assisting institutions for implementing best practices in responsible reserach training

ORPHEUS WORKSHOP Istambul 2016 Guner Akdogan Impact of Orpheus on PhD Training Experience of aTurkish Medcila School

Video presentations

M.J. Mulvany. Video-lecture: ORPHEUS recommendations for doctoral training – a Turkish perspective. Third International Clinical Nursing Research Congress, Istanbul, Turkey. , 8-11 December 2020.

M.J. Mulvany. Video-lecture: Changing traditions to improve PhD training. Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry, May 2020.