1. The Treasurer of ORPHEUS is accountable for the state of the banking accounts.
2. He/she works together with the financial auditor in the country of ORPHEUS

registration Croatia.
3. Together with the President and Secretary the Treasurer is recorded in the registry of
NGOs in Croatia as the person who has legal authorities to represent ORPHEUS.

4. The Treasurer together with the President has access to the account of ORPHEUS.

5. The Treasurer of ORPHEUS sends membership fee invoices annually to ORPHEUS
members and if necessary reminds those members who did not pay their membership fee to do so.

6. Before the ORPHEUS General Assembly the Treasurer of ORPHEUS sends the financial report together with bank account statements to the ORPHEUS auditors.

7. The Treasurer of ORPHEUS gives a financial report every year at the ORPHEUS
General Assembly.

8. The Treasurer of ORPHEUS prepares a financial report for every ORPHEUS EC

9. The Treasurer of ORPHEUS prepares the draft of the ORPHEUS budget annually,
presents it at EC meeting and with the approval of EC presents it at the ORPHEUS
General Assembly.

10. The treasurer of ORPHEUS pays all the bills in the name of ORPHEUS after they have been sent to the President of ORPHEUS for approval (Bills need to be signed and stamped by the ORPHEUS President).

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