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25th-29th August 2012, Workshop: “Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education”, AMEE, Lyon

August 25th-29th 2012, AMEE, Lyon, France. Workshop: “Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education”.

10:30-12:15 This workshop discussed the possibility of developing international standards for PhD education, with inputs from Australia, Canada, India and USA together with discussion of the situation in Europe.

Chairmen: Jadwiga Mirecka, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow, Poland; Michael Mulvany, University of Aarhus, Denmark

  • Zdravko Lackovic, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, President ORPHEUS. Globalization of PhD standards. (15 min)
  • Michael Mulvany, University of Aarhus. Vice-president ORPHEUS.  The ORPHEUS/AMSE/WFME standards (15 min)
  • Joey Barnett, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Education secretary ASPET. PhD programmes in the USA. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Arunabha Ray, University of Delhi. PhD programmes in India. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Ian Van Driel, University of Melbourne, PhD programmes in Australia. Slides presented by Michael Mulvany. (10 min)
  • Susan Porter, University of British Columbia. PhD programmes in Canada. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Discussion. On-line Video link with Joey Barnett, Arunabha Ray, Susan Porter.(30 min)
  • Stefan Lindgren, University of Lund, President WFME. Closing remarks. (5 min)