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March 27th and 28th 2015, Timisoara, Romanian Workshop

March 27 and 28, ORPEHUS workshop was held in Timisoara under the title „Integration of Romanian Doctoral Schools in European Networks”

ORPHEUS workshop attracted representatives of most larger medical schools in Romania who discussed how to integrate Romanian doctoral schools in European network. Guests were Melita Kovacevic, Chair of CDE (Council for Doctoral Education) of EUA (European University Association), Zdravko Lackovic, ORPEHUS honorary member and a president ex officio / past president and Sego Tabagari Vice Rector of AIETI University Tbilisi and co-opted member of ORPHEUS Executive Committee. All participants supported the need of integration in European PhD rules and standards. Preliminary there was a discussion about possibility of common Romanian action. After that Students have their presentations.