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f-TALES workshop

Neuro Sense & Sense-ability 
Sensing and data processing technology for the brain

The brain is by far the most complex and mysterious organ in the human body, and remains a fascinating object of study from an engineering, biological, or medical perspective. Neuro-technology has advanced tremendously in the past two decades and will evolve even faster in the future, leading to new insights and new treatments in the medical field.


Professional Training in the field of Translational Medicine for Early Career Researchers, provided by C-COMEND

We are pleased to announce the Professional Training in the field of Translational Medicine for Early Career Researchers, provided by C-COMEND. 

C-COMEND is a two-year European training project developed by the consortium of institutions from Germany, Sweden, Austria and Netherlands, and supported by the Erasmus+ programme 
We are sure that the idea of organizing Courses on Translational Medicine is of great importance, mainly for Young Researches tending for best practices in research, education and innovations for further medicine development.
Detailed information is in the attached flyer and available online at: http://www.eatris.eu/c-comend.html

25th-29th August 2012, Workshop: “Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education”, AMEE, Lyon

August 25th-29th 2012, AMEE, Lyon, France. Workshop: “Towards Global Standards for PhD Programmes in Medical Education”.

10:30-12:15 This workshop discussed the possibility of developing international standards for PhD education, with inputs from Australia, Canada, India and USA together with discussion of the situation in Europe.

Chairmen: Jadwiga Mirecka, Jagiellonian University Medical College, Krakow, Poland; Michael Mulvany, University of Aarhus, Denmark

  • Zdravko Lackovic, University of Zagreb School of Medicine, President ORPHEUS. Globalization of PhD standards. (15 min)
  • Michael Mulvany, University of Aarhus. Vice-president ORPHEUS.  The ORPHEUS/AMSE/WFME standards (15 min)
  • Joey Barnett, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Education secretary ASPET. PhD programmes in the USA. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Arunabha Ray, University of Delhi. PhD programmes in India. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Ian Van Driel, University of Melbourne, PhD programmes in Australia. Slides presented by Michael Mulvany. (10 min)
  • Susan Porter, University of British Columbia. PhD programmes in Canada. Recorded video link. (10 min)
  • Discussion. On-line Video link with Joey Barnett, Arunabha Ray, Susan Porter.(30 min)
  • Stefan Lindgren, University of Lund, President WFME. Closing remarks. (5 min)

28th-31st June 2011, AMEE, Vienna

28th-31st June 2011. workshop on PhD standards was organized.

Panellists Jadwiga Mirecka, Chris van Schravendijk, Michel Mulvany and Zdravko Lackovic